Mod Support?

Since Sponge is being built ontop of Forge, will it be able to interact with mods?

Like if I made a mod that added an item, that in regular minecraft did absolutely nothing, but on my server would do something. Will that be possible?

If you added an item the client would HAVE to know about it? Forge mods are generally universal now?. What would happen if the client opened to lan? Would it then make the item functional? How do you differentiate?

I meant, will they have added support to get mod items?

so like in bukkit: Material.{Whatever}
will we be able to get the specific modded item kinda like Bukkit can get the default items?

So if I added in a ruby to the game using my mod, that then in the Sponge code, I could get the Ruby to act as a function for a click event.

If we are able to, that could add a lot more customized servers. If they need a specific item, they could make it, have it do absolutely nothing, then make it do something in the plugin.

Like as in TubulaRasa?

I do not know what TubulaRasa is.

Here is the link

Well… kinda in a way yes. But this only adds the item. I dont see any API to actually get the created materials in the source code.

My main question is if Sponge can use

if(e.getClickedBlock().getType() == Mod.Blocks.Zyphire) {


or something similar.

But of course not using that same code syntax

If you’re using Sponge for Forge, mod integration is available.
for example, to get a block called “coolblock” from a mod called “coolmod”, you would do:

game.getRegistry().getType(BlockType.class, "coolmod:coolblock");

That’s the goal. One of the driving reasons for using our enum-like classes instead of actual enums is so that Forge mods can implement our interfaces.

At the moment, most people are focused on just implementing the API. However, the Sponge coremod will make it easy for Forge mods to make their own blocks, entities, and other components visible through the Sponge API.


That is amazing! Servers can have SOO much custimalizable components!