Mojang vs Monetised servers

Do you think it will be long before Mojang starts to knuckle down on big monetised servers.
It might give sponge servers a chance. When it comes out

People will try to monetize anything. I don’t see how Sponge has or hasn’t a chance based on Mojang cracking down on monetized servers.


As long as these servers follow the EULA, I don’t see why Mojang would crack down on them.

The larger ones have modified their business model to follow the EULA, they will not be “cracked down” upon. Also, spigot vs sponge has nothing to do with how big a server is or if someone is making money off of it. Hypixel could decide to change to sponge if they wanted to. Also, many of these huge servers are actually custom built off forge by a dedicated dev team.


What about the plugins that have stopped updating, which surly some of the servers use.

It should be customizable enough to be inside the EULA, or its the Server Owner’s job to find or create a replacement.