More efficient redstone update mechanics


I just found this video which shows how the redstone update mechanics can be improved! The code can be found in the video description. I am sure some parts of the code can be used on the server side to clear lags. Is this possible with mixins? Maybe someone wants to create such a plugin? Maybe this can be an official sponge performance improvement like entity activation?


I made a mixin version of the changes that panda has made (It is horribly hacky and poorly implemented mainly because of my own laziness and lack of any mixin experience) But I must say the difference is say performance improvement is fairly substantial.

Timings from 2 server one running with the changes and the other running a clean version of Sponge vanilla API 5
The first running with the changes : Timings 1
The Second with out the changes : Timings 2

I probably won’t release this as one it’s not really mine and two like I said before the current implementation is just awful