Move away from Eclipse as a sole platform

Hell, move away from every platform if it is the sole platform! That projects for forge come as eclipse project is very limiting. Please support the good practice of using portable projects and rely on maven or gradle and the similar to take care of the life cycle of the program. Not everybody wants to use eclipse or intelliJ.

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You have a point, but Eclipse is a very good platform for java development.

There should be other options available, I do agree, but at least you’re not getting stuck with the worst.

SpongeAPI, Sponge, and Forge are all based on Gradle (which has support for Eclipse and IDEA, and these IDEs and others have support for, and is usable from the command line). For SpongeAPI plugins, you can use any compilation system you want as long as it lets you compile against SpongeAPI. To my knowledge there isn’t anything actually forcing a sole platform at the moment.

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Well indeed, you don’t need an IDE to develop Sponge (or Forge mods, for that matter). All of the necessary gradle tasks can be run from the command line, and you can even start Forge with the runClient and runServer tasks.

So should we all start using notepad, or even better, the edit dos command, wait, one up, we all use Linux vi command. :wink:

Just use what works for you people, don’t change for change’s sake.


Personally I find to very bulky, Netbeans and IntelliJ IDEA are much better. AndI do believe any large open source java project should support all three.

I apologize, I might have misrepresented my views because people are misunderstanding them.

What im saying is, in the past, a lot of things came to me in the form of eclipse projects. Forge for starters used to have a script that would decompress the workspace to an eclipse project. A ton of Bukkit plugins when downloaded in source form were eclipse projects.

My opinion: this is bad. It tampers with the portability of a project because not everyone is using eclipse. But most of all it makes young and inexperienced modders unaware of the fact that Java != eclipse, because every tutorial, all the common practice, was founded on eclipse projects. That to me sounds incredibly stupid and very bad for the development of the young minds approaching programming.

To the ones who suggested I use vi: oh that’s so hilarious! Ha! Ha! You sucha jokester

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-_- seriously you need to learn to use IDEs less often then
vi is amazing, and vim is a major improvement on it

anyways IntelliJ has support for importing eclipse projects, and netbeans should as well (but i dont ever use it so not sure). any other ide for java…i cant event

With java there is much fewer portability issues. Learn delphi or c and you’ll understand

To summarize what was already said:

  1. You don’t need to use any IDE at all to compile Sponge, Sponge-using projects, or Forge mods (that use ForgeGradle).
  2. The build script is capable of generating workspaces for both Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA.
  3. It is still possible to build a workspace by hand but it’s a pain.
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I agree with you, but only partially. When people do start with forge for the first time, they are suddenly face to face with eclipse, but saying that people should stop using eclipse so this doesn’t happen is hopeless. Eclipse is an amazing resource, and it is used not only for Java (HTML, etc.) and overall it is a great resource…

The eclipse format seems to be your issue though… Eclipse is what most people use, and a standard in my opinion for coding is great, because it means all people have the same format…

I cant really see what you have against it apart from it meaning young people starting programming think things that are wrong. But to me, this doesn’t seem like an issue at all…

Alright, I accept what seems to be the vast majority’s opinion on this issue and retreat my claims. Let’s keep being a tight and affectionate eclipse-loving bundle. No need to move away if the consensus if so vast.

Great… now all of Sponge will be overtaken by a huge vi vs. emacs war… :wink:

OK, all kidding aside, you can write Java in any environment you want. The IDE is only there to help. Use whatever IDE you want.

Come on guys, at least support the best IDE there is: vi