Move broken plugins to another category

If a program’s broken by API changes, an admin or someone should post a comment on the thread, then move it to another category.

Most definitely not. We cannot constantly compile, check, and test every plugin to make sure they’re compatible with the newest API. That is up to the plugin developer.


Users could flag plugins for being incompatible?

We can’t just take those flags at their word - we would still be required to compile, check, and test the plugin.

Again, this isn’t our responsibility - it’s theirs.


Got it. --------------

‘Inactive’ is the only tag i would support, really, which would refer to developer activity.


But “inactive” should be set by the developer only.

I hope Ore will have a versioning system like bukkit. This way one can choose the right plugin version for each sponge version :smile:

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Since the API will probably not have many (if at all) plugin breaking changes, most plugins might not even need to update at all.