Moving forge server to spongeforge crashing

Henlo so Im looking to make my server more stable and not have lag issues even tho is a personal server ran in my pc where max 5pl play, the modpack Im using is one downloaded from curseforge called RAD, I checked the comon crash issues as well the mod compability list and fixed what it mentioned there as well I renamed the spongeforge jar to be loaded first, but after that Im getting an error when trying to launch the server, I would really appreciate if anyone can point me out what Im missing these are the last and debug logs
(as a note this modpack was using a newer version of forge(2854) so I had to downgrade it to match the required for spongeforge)
debug:debug -
latest:latest -
tell me if you need anything else

Im assuming you downloaded the latest dev version of Sponge. They are having some issues currently.

Try downloading the latest recommended build of sponge.

On a side note, sponge works on all versions of forge from the version it specifies to the newest

oh it really works on the newest? I tried on the 2854 I was using for the mod pack and it said that the forge version wasnt correct for the spongeforge version so I downgraded it and Im actually using that one the recommended recommended version of spongeforge, Will try to re move the server

Spongeforge says its the wrong version even on the version it was built for, its a issue with forges communication with Sponge.

The issue you have is its a mixen issue where some code cannot be added. As you have (im assuming you got the name right) renamed spongeforge to aaaspongeforge.jar. it means that another mod is doing something special to load before spongeforge which is causing the error.


From looking at the debug file. It looks like LLibrary and VanillaFix are loading before hand and injecting code. Vanillafix uses the same method as sponge (mixens) so i dont believe that will be a issue. So look at LLibrary and see if there is a fix for sponge or if you need it