Multi Currencies - A plugin to manage the other currencies

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Multi Currencies

A economy plugin is needed. Such as EconomyLite


  • /meco balance [user] <currency> Display the user/source’s balance
  • /meco add [user] <currency> <amount> Add the user/source’s balance
  • /meco set [user] <currency> <amount> Set the user/source’s balance
  • /meco remove [user] <currency> <amount> Remove the user/source’s balance
  • /meco setall <currency> <amount> Set all users’ balance


  • multicurrencies.command
  • multicurrencies.command.add
  • multicurrencies.command.set
  • multicurrencies.command.setall
  • multicurrencies.command.remove


  • Auto reload locale file


A new version has been released for Multi Currencies, it is available for download here.

A plugin to manage the other currencies

Hey, I was looking around for a currencies plugin that has account currencies and I came across your which I really need. I just wanted to let you know it doesn’t work. I put the plugin in my server and none of the commands work. I don’t even think the game detects your plugin bc all the commands say “unknown command”. can you please fix this asap.

BC? BungeeCord? Where you install it

Hello, this plugins have Placeholders?