Multi Currencies - A plugin to manage the other currencies

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Multi Currencies

A economy plugin is needed. Such as EconomyLite


  • /meco balance [user] <currency> Display the user/source’s balance
  • /meco add [user] <currency> <amount> Add the user/source’s balance
  • /meco set [user] <currency> <amount> Set the user/source’s balance
  • /meco remove [user] <currency> <amount> Remove the user/source’s balance
  • /meco setall <currency> <amount> Set all users’ balance


  • multicurrencies.command
  • multicurrencies.command.add
  • multicurrencies.command.set
  • multicurrencies.command.setall
  • multicurrencies.command.remove


  • Auto reload locale file


A new version has been released for Multi Currencies, it is available for download here.

A plugin to manage the other currencies