Multi Spawn - Respawn to the closest spawn point

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Respawn to the closest spawn point

Just take a Chinese screenshot. There is english


  • /spawn
  • /spawn set
  • /spawn remove
  • /spawn list
  • For more info, please use /sponge help spawn in game


  • spawn.command.admin.set
  • spawn.command.admin.remove
  • spawn.command.admin.list
  • spawn.sync.set // Can set with block
  • spawn.sync.remove


  • Sync with the assign block place/break
  • Sync with the Waystone
  • Sync with the warp of Nucleus
  • Will disable the spawn command of Nucleus

Konwn Bug



Sync with nucleus warps

Click to teleport

Remove … success
Please input spawn name
Set 0.0 success

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A new version has been released for MultiSpawn, it is available for download here.

RPG like plugin. Respawn at the closest spawn point

Add first spawn listener
Click to teleport
Remove dependence

A new version has been released for MultiSpawn, it is available for download here.

Fix respawn event

A new version has been released for MultiSpawn, it is available for download here.

Fix event register

A new version has been released for MultiSpawn, it is available for download here.

Fix waystone spawn location

A new version has been released for MultiSpawn, it is available for download here.

Rewrite with Kotlin

Activate point when nearby.
Activate point when right click waystone

Hello, SettingDust. Today i was forced to register on sponge by my disappointment. Your great plugin is just piece of tr ash and here is why :

  1. My friend, if you want somebody to use it and don’t feel disappointed like me, you need to write proper documentation about your plugin. Doc should contain description about how it works, commands, permissions, interactions with other plugins if there is any and last but not least is description about configuration files. We simply need to know how to use it properly. I can feel power behind your work, but i want to rely on it and not playing magic stuff and hope that now it works the way i want, because there is no description about how it really works.
  2. Take your time and patience and test it before uploading. Version 2.3 RELEASE is not showing any of english descriptions. I just get message from the console that plugin cant find any lines to tell me that command was a succes.
  3. Speak clearly. For know i have no clue how plugin works.
    Example: Version 3.0 RELEASE
    What does “Activate point when nearby” means? Should player activate something? Or it activates only when player is nearby? If so, than which distance requirement player should meet?
    After all Version 3.0 is always teleporting me to the loacation A, even if i standing right on B. But it works in verions 2.3 . Maybe i should activate something? Too bad there is no information about it.
    “Add first spawn listener”- What does it mean? Should i add something or it was you?
  4. Why there are multiple plugins with multi spawn name and same poor description? Are they the same? Which one should we pick?
  5. I hope you do undestand that, if i got it right, you completly changed the concept of the plugin going from version 2.3 to 3.0
    2.3 - if you are closer to A then B, you will spawn at A
    3.0 - you need to activate something or do something, otherwise you will spawn on the previous location.
  6. Nucleus 2.2.2 is simply forcing your plugin down, so there is no “Sync with the warp of Nucleus”.
  7. Your plugin works with Nucleus 2.2.2 only if Nucleus spawn module is disabled.

Another one thing - there is no docs about how to configurate permissions, so players can actually use /spawn

Sorry for reply lately.

  1. I think there is doc in config file? It’s not enough?
  2. A new option for activate points when nearby. If you want to works like 2.X, just set the activatedEnabled to false in multi-spawn.conf.
    “Add first spawn listener” is a bugfix, not a feature XD. The players will spawn at a world spawn point, not plugin’s points
  3. Prev is deleted :smiley:
  4. It’s configurable
  5. It’s a bug of nucleus. It’s fixed, update :smiley:
  6. I added doc for it. It’s my fault. spawn.use

And now, please review my thread in ore for disappointing. Thanks a lot and welcome

A new version has been released for Multi Spawn, it is available for download here.

Add config to create a spawn when waystone is activated