MultiChat - Sponge Bridge - The essential BungeeCord-Sponge chat management system


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MultiChat - Sponge Bridge

MultiChat is the essential chat management system for your bungeecord network, and hooks seamlessly into any sponge servers you wish to connect!

MultiChat 1.4 SNAPSHOT HAS BEEN RELEASED TO FIX MANY SMALLER ISSUES, ESPECIALLY RELATED TO SPONGE SERVERS. Hence the version you download from here is SNAPSHOT 1.4, if you want the latest stable version see:

  • Optional Global Chat between all servers
  • Toggle between local and global chat modes
  • Private messaging and replying (with tab completion)
  • Toggle messages to go privately to 1 person or a group of people
  • Mod and Admin chat streams
  • Player group chats that can be made by anyone
  • Configurable chat formats
  • Configurable commands aliases
  • Can also configure which servers are part of the global chat and pms
  • Configurable network join and quit messages
  • Silent join for staff members to bypass the join messages
  • A /helpme command for players to alert staff of any issues on the network
  • Announcements
  • Bulletins
  • ClearChat

The possibilities are endless!

CURRENT PROGRESS REPORT: I am likely to be working towards a Version 1.4 release in the coming months. I was originally going to aim for a 2.0 release but before I release the new features such as customisable chat streams, I wish to implement the code required to do so into the the already existing functionality of the plugin. So version 1.4 will change a long of the code of the plugin ready for version 2.0, but I will make sure 1.4 is packed with new requested features as well! 2.0 will boast the game changing ones such as the option to have several different chat streams running between multiple servers IF YOU SO WISH! I will guarantee that any use you have had for the plugin so far will still be possible in version 2.0 and that everything works just as you remembered!

As of 1.3 the plugin information will be found on our github wiki.


The wiki will talk you through installation, configuration and all of the commands and permission nodes and how to use them!

MultiChat allows you to take all the individual servers on your bungeecord network and link them up in a way of your choosing to share a global chat stream, allowing you to exclude any servers you do not wish to do this, as well as private messaging between specific servers, a network wide moderator and admin chat stream. Not only this but you can have network wide group chats created by your players with many different options.

Everything is configurable and you can tailor MultiChat to look and work exactly how you want on your server! That said, I’ve spent a lot of time working on the default values to make sure that MultiChat is good to go the second your server starts up for the first time!

All the commands have permission nodes so you can control exactly who does what. There are also many admin commands to save plugin data, re-load the configuration file. You can freeze all chat except for players or staff with a bypass permission. There are permissions to allow players to use colour codes in the main chat. You can toggle if you see chat from all global chat servers or just the server you are currently on. Links in all chats are clickable to take you to the webpage you desire. Even some of the command aliases are editable to let you customize the plugin to work for YOU.

Download MultiChat today and I’m confident you won’t be disappointed!

If you have any suggestions or questions/criticisms please don’t leave them in the review section as its very hard for me to keep track of. Simply private message me on the Spigot Forums or throw down your ideas and thoughts in the discussion section and I will do everything in my power to make the plugin work for you!

Thankyou for downloading MultiChat, I hope that it helps you all to create the many servers that you have visions of!


A new version has been released for MultiChat, it is available for download here.

The perfectionist update!

Hello everyone!

It is with great pleasure I present to you, MultiChat 1.4. This update is not as feature filled as when we updated to 1.3, but I think the work that has gone into it is even more!

MultiChat 1.4 is so titled the “perfectionist” update as it fixes many small issues with the plugin that have been present throughout the versions. Many errors have been wiped out, code cleaned up, in general this update focuses on quality of life features. But I won’t bore you with that anymore, of course I have implemented some new features to make the plugin better than ever! :slight_smile: Lets have a look at what is new…


Fixed issue where long chat messages would lose colour completely on the second line if the format ended in any code other than &f
Added /announcement list to view all avaliable announcements
In order for staff to appear in /staff they MUST have multichat.staff as a permission (They used to appear automatically if they had multichat.staff.mod or multichat.staff.admin)
Added custom broadcasts that can easily be created in game using the /cast command
Added feedback to the bulletin command to verify when actions have taken place
Added feedback to the helpme command to let players know staff have been informed
Fixed an issue where the plugin would throw an exception and potentially kick players
FULL support for LuckPerms through Vault on spigot
Fixed double prefixes showing up in chat when they were changed.
Implemented the /nick command into MultiChatBridge for Spigot to allow you to nickname players.
Fixed an issue where silent quit messages might not show correctly
Added a social spy bypass node: multichat.staff.spy.bypass
Reduced console output to stop the plugin spamming you all so much
Improved the /local command so that players who activate local mode will only have their messages sent to people on the same server as them, as well as only receiving messages from people on the same server. People in global mode will see local messages if they are on the same server as the person in question.
New logos for MultiChat! :D

The next update planned for MultiChat is version 2.0… This is where all those requested features are going to start appearing in masses! Multiple chat streams, /ignore, all of those things, you name it! If you have a requested feature then let me know, it will probably already be on my list!

Thank you all for the continued support of the plugin, and I hope this update delivers for you. If you have any issues report them on the GitHub page for MultiChat Development :slight_smile:

~ Ollie


A new version has been released for MultiChat, it is available for download here.

Hello everyone!

I am aiming to work on MultiChat 2.0 a lot over the coming Summer but for now I present you with MultiChat version 1.4.1!

With this update I have fixed several null pointer exceptions, made the second group chat help page show up! (Somehow I had deleted all those messages?!) Stopped the new /cast command spamming your consoles, and some new features!

NICKNAMES ARE NOW IN SPONGE! multichatsponge.nick
Use /nick and /nick off

Console now displays the chat in its full correct colours!

And a slight alteration is that if global chat is disabled upon start up, the /global and /local commands will NOT enable as this was causing some issues for people who didn’t want to use them.

And finally, there are some new chatformat options for the global chat!

%MODE% will display either Global or Local depending on what mode the player has set their chat (using /local and /global). And %M% will do the same but with L or G instead of the full words! :slight_smile:

Thats all for now! I doubt there will be a 1.4.2 unless issues arise, so look forward to 2.0 coming this Summer! :smiley:

Thanks for using multichat, any suggestions, feature requests, issues, let me know by messaging me privately, or on the github issues page!


A new version has been released for MultiChat, it is available for download here.

Hi all, sorry for the quick update successions!

This update is a feature brought up in the discussion. There was before only 1 permission node for nicknames that allowed you to set anyones nickname, multichatbridge.nick (or multichatsponge.nick depending on what software you are using). I have now ammended this so you can let players only set their own nicknames.


There are now 2 permission nodes in place of the old one.

multichatbridge.nick.self : Allows you to set your own nickname only!
(multichatsponge.nick.self : For sponge)

multichatbridge.nick.others : Allows you to set anyones nickname including yourself!

This means the old permission will no longer work, you need to change it.

I also removed some annoying DEBUG text in the sponge console!

That’s all for now :slight_smile: Hope you find this update useful.


A new version has been released for MultiChat, it is available for download here.

Hello everyone,

As promised the other day, I present MultiChat version 1.5. This isn’t a huge update but what it brings is a very stable build of MultiChat with some new features to keep everything running smoothly while I work on version 2.0.

When I started programming this plugin I barely even knew how to write Java programs. Now I have done an entire year of a university course where our programming language focus was Java! As such there was a lot of code that was very poorly written (and still is…) I have managed to clean some areas that should prevent those annoying null pointer exceptions, but the total re-code will come with 2.0.

Whats new?

Hyperlinks no longer need to start with www. to be recognized in chat!
You can use multiple hyperlinks in the same message and click on whichever one you want!
I have put an end to losing colour onto the second line of a long message in the main chat once and for all
Messages sent from players with permission to chat in colours will not take up more lines than they should
On SPIGOT (not Sponge... yet...) you can now nickname yourself by omitting the player in the command. I.e. /nick THISISMYNICKNAME/
On SPIGOT (not Sponge... yet...) you can use the /realname command to figure out a player's real name from their nickname. (multichatbridge.realname).
IMPORTANT (!) - To be able to make group chats players will now need the permission! will cover all other aspects of group chats. This is to allow diversity in your ranking systems.
Nicknames now will be recognised properly by plugins such as essentials and used in /who, and in the messages for things such as /tp. (make sure if you are using ESSENTIALS, to change set-displayname in the ESSENTIALS config to false!)
Nicknames now show up in the tab list!
Console logs are now readable and not littered with quite as many colour codes!
And finally, you can use the custom broadcasts (casts) from console by using the /usecast command. I.e. /usecast mybroadcast Hello everyone!

That is all for 1.5, but as I said, 2.0 is on its way and it will be filled with practically all the requested features I’ve been getting. If you have any suggestions please let me know so I can bare it in mind while developing the new version!

Hope you enjoy version 1.5, and please report any bugs to me on this discussion thread or via PM or the github issues area.

Thanks again!


A new version has been released for MultiChat, it is available for download here.

Added latest version (1.6.2) as this listing hadn’t been updated in a while.

MultiChat is the only bungeecord chat management system for Sponge! It can link your Sponge, Bukkit, Spigot & Paper servers together. It will also pull in all your prefixes from Luckperms or a permissions plugin of your choice. Version 1.7 is currently in development and will be released soon.


A new version has been released for MultiChat, it is available for download here.

This is the biggest update to multichat yet!

See for more information.


A new version has been released for MultiChat, it is available for download here.

This release features an important update for Sponge that fixes an issue which prevented nickname data from saving on server shutdown.

There are also other minor bugfixes and efficiency improvements.

French Translations are now provided with the plugin courtesy of Nogapra.


A new version has been released for MultiChat, it is available for download here.

Please see the version 1.7.2 post for safely updating for 1.7.1:

The 1.7.3 update is just a small extension to 1.7.2 to fix a previous issue with Sponge formatting: