(MvC) MavCore - Core Plugin

What Is MavCore?

MavCore will act like any other core plugin, However there will be 2 types of this plugin 1 will before other ‘Developers’ and the other version will be for me and for the custom plugins that I will make.
The thing about this plugin is that It will have its own chat bot, Just something that will watch over the chat like a moderator would do but It will have its own config which you will be able to make it your own.

How Will This Benefit Other Developers?

This plugin will allow developers to use their creative minds to pretty much create any plugin they want as long as it is possible, But for the bot, I’m still thinking about that to be truthful I don’t have a clue, But If you guys have any ideas to how I could make it benefit other ‘Developers’ then your always welcome to give me some suggestions in chat.

Have I Done Anything Like This Before?

The answer to that is no. Wait don’t leave only because I’ve never made something this advanced before. I like a challenge once In a while, Since they keep me busy. Also along the way I’m hoping to get other people to help me, Since along the way I don’t want to be a lone wolf at some point I’m going to need a pack to help get to where I need to be as well as me helping them along the way. Its also a good way to learn new things and to teach people stuff I know.
So hopefully I’m going to have help with getting this of the ground.




API Document For Developers Only!

Download Link For Dev Builds##

##My Website##
Website Beware its still under construction

P.S. Sorry For Any Mistakes In This Whole Topic Not Everyone Was / Is The Best At English!

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Seems interesting, I’ll keep an eye on it and see how it goes for now, there is not to much to go by on usefulness ect.

Nice idea. Make the name of the chatbot configurable.

The chatbot on my server was named [GLaDOS]. I also know a server with a humorous, ban-hungry [Helpbot] :smiley:

You can use the list of banned words I created for my plugin: Common banned words · GitHub

@boformer that was a… interesting gist.

Well Thank you I’ll definitely make sure the name is configurable; I’ll also check out you banned words list and add some into the config as an example apart from the rude ones but I’ll be sure to also make the banned works editable as well.

@Evo I’m afraid from your post I don’t really understand the purpose of MvC. I get that it’s an API of some sort, but not much else.

@ButterDev Well I was going to give you a whole essay about what its purpose is but I’ll keep it short and simple. Its being created to help out server with moderation but also being used to help me and other developers to create plugins as quickly as possible as well and making the whole plugin creating Idea simple so new comers will understand it. Hopeful you will understand that, If not then I can’t help you, Sorry.

@Evo so basically this?

@ButterDev Urm… Yeah kinda like that

The knowledge that defiles…

That’s all? I still have a list of ~ 300 words sowhere, whithout even including l33t and modifications to them (I had a way of detecting them, even if they were all kinds of obscured) :stuck_out_tongue:

(I refrained from posting it for a reason.)

You can’t even tell me???

lol. nope.

The list was for a Hangman game, not for chat surveillance.


Yeah, then it makes sense… Mah bot would hang the people… Was also some kind of hangman game I guess. Not so sure wether the people bein hung thought that aswell.