My server doesn´t recognize the plugins

Hi, i have this problem when i start the server, all start without problem but i can use any plugin, in the console i could read this:

\mods\Nucleus-2.3.3-MC1.12.2-SpongeAPI7.3-plugin.jar has been ignored - it is invalid

any idea?

thanks for ur help

mind sending your server log? It may reveal more on whats going wrong.

Plugins being invalid normally means that the plugin isnt genuine, or sponge isnt installed correctly

I think i found out that isnt work. I installed the plugin in a 1.16.5 server, and i read that Sponge dont work with this versions. is that true?
sorry for my english btw :_D

Currently Sponge only works with MC 1.12.2 (unless you get yourself a development build). Sponge specifies which version of MC it works with if you are looking at the official download page. With Nucleus also stating which version of Sponge and MC it was designed for