My server keeps crashing

I’m playing on a server with my friend, but whenever it starts and someone joins, it crashes.

You’re using sponge-1.8-1499-2.1DEV-642.jar which is an incredible 2 months old dev build!
always keep dev builds up to date
Grab the latest from spongeforge
Current version is 1.8-1563-2.1-DEV-814

And of course you must match the forge version, so get forge from

It was working fine earlier today but i guess i have to update sometime. do you happen to know what the error means though?

Would suggest it’s something not caused by sponge or pixelmon, at a guess you might have run out of memory.

Either way, update first, and see if the issue persists, you can NOT expect support for something that old, that has had many changes happen to it already.

In order to support such an old version, the dev’s would need to find the old version files to look at / test, and considering that the code doesn’t even appear to be Sponges fault in the stack trace, this is quite the effort to debug even if you were running the latest version.

So I’d suggest checking the ram allocated, the amount of space remaining on the hard drive of the server, and updating sponge, forge and pixelmon.