NanoChat - Simple local and global chat


Yes, you can, just use in-game command to change prefix, config will be filled with correct values automatically.
I don’t have discord.
About permission - ok, i’ll do this, today or tomorrow.


A new version has been released for NanoChat, it is available for download here.

  1. Really fixed swapped global and local chats
  2. New permission: to see local chats


Thank you so much dude, I really appreciate you taking your time with this, ive been looking for a plugin like this, like exactly like this for the past 4 months. with the “!” Trigger system. thank you!


there’s also an issue, its not compatible with Nucleus.look. and the color coding with the config didnt work well image . other wise, great work!


looks like you cant add any spaces in the chat prefix config lol, but the range doesnt seem to like work


What exactly does not work?
Range must work. If you added all permissions of plugin, then you will able to see all local chats.
If you have any plugin, that modifies message channels of event, it may not work.


The fallowing did not work for me:

*shouting with “!” before the message
*Local chats


heres my log, not sure if i’ll help


Send me your nucleus configs


here you go.


I was testing this plugin out, and some features also did not work as well. I got the same problems as Kyle.
the local chats dont work, nor do the links and the “!” shouting trigger.


I’m back now! I will try to fix/workaround this today or tomorrow.


As temporary solution, enable check-body-for-minecraft-prefix in nucleus config.(check-body-for-minecraft-prefix=true)
I just tested it and it worked perfectly.
I will test more and ask nucleus author, if it’s my fault or his.


See previous message.

UPD: Try new version(1.4), should work with UltimateChat(even in custom channels) and Nucleus.


hey. I have a suggestion. you should make it so you can edit the the prefix with the minecraft color codes other than changing the "color=green= feature. EXAMPLE: local prefix= &7[&aLocal&7]


Just use chat command to change prefix, config is only for storing data.


Are you gonna make it Compatible with Nucleus?


What does not work now?

Just Placeholder Text To Bypass Stupidest Forum Protection From Answering Same Text Event If Previous Message Was Removed


What is the command to change to global chat?


A new version has been released for NanoChat, it is available for download here.

Fixed issue, when last character was removed