Need Experience With Building Plugin Project

I am here to ask anyone and everyone willing to help me out i would love to start development on a couple plugins i have in mind however i am kind of confused on exactyl what needs to be setup and where i am currently using intellij community edition 2017 with the minecraft development extension installed so it creates the sponge library for me but if someone could help me out or if we could chat on discord and or skype or something that i could live view your screen to see how its done that would be so helpful i really want to get started in helping the community with new plugins so please please if you can help me respond here or in a pm thanks for reading this!!

A great place to start learning how to develop with Sponge API is the documentation: Creating a Plugin — Sponge 7.3.0 documentation

For API reference, javadocs are available here:

If you’d like to chat directly with other developers, join the #spongedev IRC channel on (web access here: Sponge Chat)

And of course the forums are a good place to search for and ask any questions you have :slight_smile: