Need help with essentials

So I created a Tekkit server for me & a friend to play on, but i wanna make it so we can use the colour chat but Idk how & all the vids just show me how to do seperate colours for groups. Can anyone help me make it so anyone can use any colour?

There’s no “Essentials” plugin for Sponge. Do you mean EssentialCmds, or maybe Nucleus or Nexus?
Are you even using Spongeforge? :wink:

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oh i dont think so i asked my friend if he could help me he said hes busy & linked me here its for tekkit classic idk if its using sponge

I’m think the Tekkit Classic modpack runs on Minecraft version 1.2.5.
Sponge is only for versions 1.8+.

If you’d like to run plugins using Bukkit instead of sponge, you can use CraftBukkitPlus to run your server.