Negafinity - Professional Minecraft Development


Negafinity: Professional Minecraft Development


Heyo, I’m HassanS6000.

You might have seen me around the Sponge Forums or on IRC, I have been a member of the Sponge community for a while now.

I have written some larger Sponge plugins like EssentialCmds, Polis, AdminShop, etc. and helped out with many others like Nucleus, GriefPrevention, and more.

Negafinity is my company which offers professional Minecraft development services to all sorts of servers.

I am not the only person who writes plugins at our company, we have a team of dedicated and hardworking developers that work alongside me, all of which are highly experienced and talented programmers.

Public Experience

Prior Public Plugins:

Previous Commissions

I’ve worked with numerous servers, some of which include:

  • Badlion (a while ago)
  • PixelSpark (previously known as TheDestinyMC)
  • PixelmonHarmony
  • & many more…


Costs of plugins vary based on their size and complexity.

For reference:

Most small projects cost around $30, and the bigger ones range to around $100 ~ $150. However the price for your project may be lower or higher depending on how much work it requires.


  • We can do closed or open source, which ever you prefer, if you’d like the source code personally just ask! :slight_smile:
  • All payment is conducted through PayPal


There are numerous ways you can contact us at Negafinity.


This post is strictly for advertising purposes. Discussion of specific commissions, or other paid development work is prohibited. Furthermore, commissions are not to be discussed on the forum outside of this category.


Seems like I couldn’t submit the request on the website. It keeps me on the same page and does nothing.


It worked having some bugs with the site where it doesn’t tell you it submitted successfully.


I’d like to cancel that one I sent. Will be submitting a new one :sweat_smile:


Submitted an inquiry, not sure if you are busy or not. Figured i’d post here to let you know.


Thank you for contacting me, hired to do some projects!
Definitely recommend!


Hi ! I’m very interested by your offer please contact me by discord: Zarbi4734#2053