Nether portal world teleportion

I’ve come across this recently, i wasn’t intending to have the nether enabled. However, i changed my mind. And now, noticed by a lot of players. They are being taken to the world named “world” which is not the primary world i’m using. I’m curious on how to change the default nether portal world too → “Survival” instead.
I’ve read a little bit on the internet, asking for support on tons of discord servers. And the only semi real solution i found was adding the world into the “Sponge Global Config” but that did not seem to work.

Note: the following assumes you disabled the nether by

So they get transferred into the default world set inside the (same with default spawning and everything like that).

Because im assuming both worlds have been loaded already and you have a server spawn set with a plugin (such as nucleus), you should be fine to change the default world to survival.

Please note that this isnt Bukkit, changing the minecraft default world will attempt to generate a new world.

If you change the value and then run your server it will generate a new world (new folder too).
If you then open up your old “world” folder you will find your old survival world folder. Copy the contents of your old survival world folder into the newly generated one.

If you have any other worlds you want to transfer over then you should copy the world folder into the newly generated survival world folder.

If the player data isnt right, you may want to copy the player data from the old world folder into the new survival folder