Never got an email to activate my account

I made an account called “HeadGam3z” with my main email address, but I never got an email address. It has been about three days and still no email. Could someone look into this? Or, if nothing can be done about the email, could you change my current username to “HeadGam3z”?


Did you check your spam folder?

If you have a google account you can use that. That is what I used.

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Check your spam folder, I am using gmail, and the confirmation email went straight to my spam folder.

Yes, I did check my spam folder - nothing was in there. I was using Outlook and I guessed it just completely blocks the message. My Gmail, however, did not block the message. :confused:

I had the same issue, and I just requested a new password (reset link). It showed up in my spam folder (gmail).

Oh well. Is there a special place I can ask a moderator to change my username?

Yes I’ve requested a new password about four times already, haha.

I have a similar issue. I created an account and messed up on the email address and now the user name I want to use is stuck with an invalid registration email so I can’t change it or use it with this working account.