New 1.9 screenshot!

Since it doesn’t seem like anyone has posted this yet:

It looks like we will be getting a lot of changes to the bow this time around, any thoughts on this?


This is why @mumfrey is so awesome. With his InventoryAPI, these changes (while awesome), have nearly NO affect on the API in a difficult-to-implement way.



There is the quiver that was hidden since years in an internal picture of all items in Minecraft. But what would be its purpose? You really don’t need so many arrows. Maybe you have to use it for some new arrow types or there will be the ability to shoot more then one arrow at a time(or the bow will charge faster so you can shoot more).

I think the idea is that, with the implementation of more bow types, you would need the quiver. Before, it just picked up arrows from your inventory, which was fine because there was only one type.

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You know something is really cool if someone uses the word “fudgecakes” to describe how awesome it is. xD


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Also good boy @mumfrey

Woooow :blush: this is awesome. I recognize the quiver texture because they used it in earliest Pre-Alpha days or so. If we get shields, maybe the dual wielding system Notch himself worked on some time ago will come as well? It was mentioned by Jeb together with shields. It’s a good decision that Mojang doesn’t want to change much of the core code this time, many mods still didn’t reach 1.8 ^^ I hope this means that they don’t have to create as many bugfix versions as for 1.7 or 1.8…


Am I the only one noticing the upside down character?

No, it’s just not that unexpected, lol. It’s either @Dinnerbone or @Grum. Any character (or tagged) character with their names appear upside down.


No, no one really cares because it’s a long known fact that dinnerbone is always upside down. :trollface:


i found the quiver in the minecraft asset in the 1.8.jar
i all so found a ruby image in the 1.8.jar asset

GJ Sherlock, but the ruby texture is just the old emerald they didn’t release because the ore looked too similar to redstone. I doubt they plan to create a feature that uses it, as Mojang often keep their unfinished work in code and textures and delete it only when keeping it would require work like the green villager at 1.8.

I’ve been living under a rock for a while. Thanks for informing me.


may be the ruby is going to be in 1.9
1 per cent sure
down go’s the per cent

Ruby has been in the source files before even Emeralds. It was never added because the Ruby textures looked too similar to the Redstone textures. I doubt that’s changed, so it’s likely they won’t be added.