New Minecraft Colours?

While playing Minecraft once I have come across some “undefined” colours
I noticed that this colour didn’t look like either &1 or &9 so I paired them up.

Minecraft Realms Link :

Compared To Blue & Dark Blue (§9 & §1):

Also found another gradient of red, in the Minecraft Realms “Client Outdated!” :

Compared To Red & Dark Red (§c & §4):

So, I’m guessing that this has been represented as a hash colour?


Some colours change depending on context. This might be one.

Well, the Mojang developers are not restricted to the standardized formatting colors when programming the game. They just created that color library that most people use for colored signs, books, chat and such for use by mapmakers and server owners. Technically they could add more colors to that any time they want, but the colors they use in game are not restricted to that library.

On another note I REALLY WANT THAT RED COLOR :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you think its possible to send our own colours?

Or it could just be the background tricking my eyes into thinking its different :confused:

No, that would be really nice if they added that feature though. If you look at the protocol for server-client communication. Chat and such is sent via a JSON string, the JSON string actually identifies colors by name, not by a hex or rgb value. I always thought they should implement that, but for now we are stuck with Mojangs preset color Lib

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