New Minecraft Snapshot Released!

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Looks Like a :trollface:

Pretty sure this is will just be a new gamemode or worldsetting.

Ender pearls no longer transport you to the target, but instead the target to you.

Wait wut???

Not everybody had the same experience playing Minecraft under different configurations, so we decided to remove all the graphical settings.

EveryBody now NEEDS to run on 20fps so its fair with those who don’t have a gaming PC.

Some resource packs were prettier than others, giving some players an unfair advantage in the amount of fun they were having. This has been fixed.

So they removed the ability to add resource packs ?

The only thing that is missing here is player breed ><.

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:trollface: <Yeah, it is.

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Welcome back, April fools’ day!



If Granite was running on our own mappings code base, we could have updated for sponge plugins to work on this version :frowning:

I think we still could, you wanna map it with me?