New owner to sponge. Looking for some plugin guidance

Hello all! I am new to using sponge and Haven’t really put a server together in quite some time. I am looking for some direction on plugins to use.

Last time I set up a server was 2 ish years ago on spigot/bukkit. I am looking for a good plugin for commands and such and permissions. From what I have seen for permissions is they are all done in-game, and not by a config file like they were on spigot/bukkit. Am I wrong?

Also looking for a good mod to prevent fire spread

Sponge has several services, which are interfaces all plugins can access but are actually implemented by another plugin. A good analog would be the economy service compared to Bukkit’s Vault plugin - a global interface for economy, so any plugin that requires an economy can interface with any plugin that provides an economy without either knowing the other exists. Permissions are done the same way. The default implementation of the permission service is very simple - the op system. If you’re an op, you have all the permissions; if you’re not, you have none. If you install another permissions system, such as LuckPerms, then you configure your permissions through the plugin, whatever system that happens to provide. LP in particular is designed to be edited through in-game commands, but one of its storage options is a text file, so you can still edit that directly if you want.

As for fire spread, for a simple solution you can do /gamerule doFireTick false, which will prevent fire spread or burning but will also prevent fires from going out. Alternatively, since you’ll probably end up using a protection plugin anyway, I know UniverseGuard has a flag for fire spread.

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We had a discussion about some recommended plugins, this guy has built a nice list, and there’s a bunch of other plugins people (including myself), have recommended below it :slight_smile:

~ Alice

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@yepidoodles Thanks for recommending my post xD

@bazzaro135 I recommend using the plugins iv had to find. I host a server for a modpack in 1.7.10 but then it updated to 1.12.2 which forced me to switch to sponge and replace every single plugin i had in 1.7.10. Iv put actual effort finding as many decent replacements as i could :slight_smile: Since sponge cant use bukkit plugins!

I will always update that post with replacement plugins :wink: