New rival - spingotMC is back :)

Sponge has a strong new (old) rival!
Will there be a possible implementation (like sponge + glowstone-> sponge + spingot ( aka fast bukkit)? Or will that project have no future, because strong rivals or take down issues?

(Sorry if some one has posted it allready)

It’s not a rival, I’m pretty sure md_5 is around here as well.
TL;DR the Spigot post, but I don’t think they’d be dumb enough to write code that could get taken down soon again.

It appears they have a plan for this. md_5 hasn’t released the details as far as I know, but by the second paragraph and this post by md_5:

It sounds like they have a plan of some sort to nullify the DMCA or work around it. They might be planning on using the patching system they have now.

As far as I’m aware, the patch system was temporary, and they will probably use something else in the 1.8 releases.

Does this meen we will not have to port literally every bukkit plugin? (Since spingotMC is bukkit ) if yes sponge + glowstone (or just glowstone)do have a bige rival ( well as far as possible - minecraft community everyone is family (sorta))

Does anyone have an idea how it is possible for them to avoid the take down? (I know nothing officially has been released- just ideas)

I don’t know what you’re talking about O_O

Well answering your last question… it’s possible for them to avoid taking it down by creating heir own APIs and securing their MIT license… and also not using a bukkit client ( bukkit 1.8 won’t be released as expected )

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Well here is the deal. According to the official DCMA spigot cannot distribute any software that contains some specific commits written by wesley wolfe. Right now they are getting around that whole mess by simply releasing binary patches to their latest build #1649 before the DCMA. I am not sure how they plan to do it for 1.8 but they will need to figure something out because I don’t think they will be able to implement CraftBukkit forever in its current state.

So if they would rewrite those commits they would not have any possible reason for a new take down?
(I am sure this has been answered but i will ask anyway)

Well, that is technically how it works. The problem is

  1. You always have the chance of another developer publishing a DCMA
  2. The code that Wolfe wrote is at the core of bukkit making a rewrite that works that same but is not applicable to the DCMA extremely difficult.

It’s possible yes, but the chances of it are fairly low I would say, just judging by how the community reacted towards wolfe.

Yes, but on the other hand, there are many supporters of wolfe as well. Who knows? Its just a risky business in general.

There are many supporters of wolfe yes, but who would really want to be in his place knowing what happened to him? (he got swatted, antagonized, he received death threats, and was pretty much referred to as the bane of the multiplayer community, all over him sending the DMCA)

wolfe is pretty much locked out of every minecraft project now…

Point taken.