New Server List Website! []

I’ve recently finished working on a Minecraft server list that, in my opinion of course, brings some new features that alleviates the monotony of server lists.

We’re located @

Our accomplished goals that separate us

Full responsiveness across a wide variety of devices
Design revolved around extreme simplicity, minimal cluster
Simple, yet powerful searching
Only show servers that are online
Live ranking
Easy, account-less server adding, set an edit password on server creation
Simple voting, with spam protection overhead in the backend
Google’s ReCaptcha makes it as easy as checking a checkbox to validate your humanity
No Banners, we graphically represent servers using their favicons.
Compact listing
A Win8-ish layout is used to list our servers (colorful squares)
Each color represents a different server type
Up to 20 servers may be rendered per page without any scrolling on most resolutions.
Servers armed with discussions
Each server has it’s own discussion powered by Disqus
Site-wide discussion aggregation unifies site’s community (also powered by Disqus)
Servers armed with live player graphs
You and potential players may view short term player trends
For those of you who would like to see this site obtain some success, it would be extremely helpful if you could either
Provide constructive criticism regarding the site
Add your server to the site, regardless of your server’s size, the added variety will fertilize our success.

Please comment with any suggestions you have!


The Server Discussion category seemed a better place for this.

I find it odd you’re leaving out the more majorly used types of gameplay. Namely Creative and Survival.

EDIT: Great job, though. Regardless of how well received ‘yet another’ server ranking website will be, some of the features you’ve implemented seem fairly useful and intuitive. Listing Favicons, rather than uploaded banners, for instance, seems so obvious in hindsight.

We’re thinking of adding more categories soon, but the problem is that the more categories we have the more cluttered it is going to look with all of the different colors.

Edited my main post, if you’re interested in reading it.

In response to this quote; I totally understand where you’re coming from. But to not include both Survival and Creative (when they’re both much more dominating categories than Prison/Hub/Factions combined (literally)), seems a bit odd to me. Maybe I should have clarified that more.

People who come to your ranking site to discover new sites are going to want to see those specific categories - mainly because those are the most popular.

I agree with everything you’ve said and I’m going to consider adding at least survival and creative categories soon. Most of the suggestions have told us to do the same thing.

Looking good, but something about the color scheme ticks me off. Great job I really prefer the favicons to the banners!

Code on my friends!

Other than that - Good luck! Your website design is fresh and clean (maybe a bit too clean!). I’d recommend adding an about/contact page - those can often be combined.

Never forget to be servant to your community. If enough agree on something, jump at the opportunity to get that work done. An interactive website and community is a webmaster’s dream, but too often they get a sense of entitlement out of their community that detaches them from said community. Don’t do that.

EDIT: Just noticed that awesome Disqus integration! NICE!

Your website is much more pleasant to look at than other server list websites, which is certainly commendable. The lack of flashing banners is a welcome change.

I agree with the prior suggestions regarding additional categories. If you are concerned about the website becoming “cluttered,” I suggest adding a border at the top of each card with the category color instead of having different background colors.


Thank you! That’s a great idea!

Especially for the pages where you’re only looking at a specific category, anyways.

Why do you need Adobe Flash for a “Copy IP” button. I’d really like to know.

Unless I’ve enabled a setting somewhere on my computer that makes me allow Flash requests from every website (which I don’t think so), I didn’t get any notice that the button was using Flash.

The website use to copy the IP to the clipboard.

Now as a web developer myself I get how hard it is to copy something to the clipboard in pure JS but is it worth adding Flash, I don’t think so.

The website use to copy the IP to the clipboard.

Now as a web developer myself I get how hard it is to copy something to the clipboard in pure JS but is it worth adding Flash, I don’t think so.

It is impossible to access the visitor’s clipboard from JavaScript. There is a fallback incase the user doesn’t have flash, he will be prompted with the server’s IP as opposed to it being copied to his clipboard

Well then your fallback doesn’t work.

And it’s not impossible, hacks for both IE, Firefox and Chrome exists but it’s so far-fetched and prone to break that it’s not actually usuable. Plus IIRC, it raises security alerts.

Aside from my rant, really good looking website ;).

Hello, dev for MCStack here.

I have redone my flash checking, from my testing the fallback now works, could you confirm it’s working for you? Thanks :slight_smile:

I might be stupid and or blind, but is there an easy way to request that your server be removed from this website? (Say if someone else posted it there, or you decide you don’t like the traffic you get from it)

If ownership can be validated I can delete it for you.

Works properly if Flash is deactivated but if it’s set to ask to activate Flash when the browser needs it it doesn’t, I’m using the latest version of Firefox Developer Edition‎.