No longer needed


I just launched a SpongeForge Sevtech server. Whenever I generated my world, I noticed that the villages spawned without windows, doors, fences, stairs, iron bars, water, etc. Every block that made up the village is considered a “whole block”.

I’ve tried searching Google for an answer but I haven’t found one. I am thinking it may be a config file that I am missing… But I have gone though all of them… Yes… All of them… O.O Though through my hours of searching the config files it is possible that I missed it some where.

Has anyone heard of this happening? Does anyone know what is causing it and how to fix it?



That’s a standard feature of Sevtech. It happens without SpongeForge too. You aren’t advanced far enough along the tech tree to see those blocks. If you dug down you wouldn’t find any ores either.