Novelty Plugins

This question is directed to server owners.

What is your view on “novelty” plugins? I have a few of them in my arsenal and I was wondering if there was any point in porting them.

By novelty, I mean plugins that don’t really bring anything to the server except for a few laughs. One of these plugins is PingPong.

I made hangman:

Has a little more purpose than my novelty ones haha. Looks like fun

Looks pretty cool :smiley:. another example: marriage plugin. But honestly that plugin gives strange results on servers xD.

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Wrote a plugin to crash friends’ clients. That was fun. Obviously did not upload that to devbukkit.


As Minecraft is generally about the lolz, I guess the point of novelty plugins being the same makes them worth porting. Adds a bit of extra spice to servers for the groups that can’t be fucked to play vanilla, or semi-vanilla.

I thought what I did to my friends’ servers was bad. I gave them a plugin that instantly de-OPed any ops… So when he tried to op himself or another member it would de-op him haha.

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I made this one plugin that would put blocks around players that joined so they can’t get out, then light TNT under them. Those were the times.

Nice, that’s actually pretty useful in some times :slight_smile:

I did one too!
I made it /crash
What it did was made t so the name tags were ‘invalid’ so like it would be over the maximum, changing every MILLISECOND… That was funny if I did /crashall -me
It crashes EVERYONE but the executer…

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Can I have that plugin?

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I suppose I could dig up the source. It was pretty simple.
You could probably make it if I gave you a hint. Not that I would do that publicly.
Or you could just skid it from somewhere, because there’s bound to be a public method for this.
I have about 8 ways (found 6, traded for 1, another is public), but since Bukkit’s going to be useless after a certain point I guess there’s no need for them.