Nucleus: The Ultimate Essentials Plugin (MC 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2)

Yeah i kind of explained it badly, it was not to let my name show up but the person recieving the item lol.

Does /world border cancelgen (after /world border gen has started) completely cancel out world gen?
I started running /world border gen and have had to stop it a couple of times due to lag, but when I resume it, world gen starts from 0%… Should be noted that my MC folder size has increased dramatically, from 2.3GB to 4GB.

@tridaak No, however if you aren’t using Nucleus Mixins, we use Sponge’s generation, which just tries to load the chunks again and doesn’t check to see if they have already been generated (don’t worry, it doesn’t overwrite anything that’s been done!)

I’m working on proposing a PR to integrate my improvements into what will either be API 6 or 7 (hopefully, gonna work on it later!), but for 1.10.2, you can get Nucleus Mixins from the GitHub releases page.

Ahh, that helps a great deal, thank you :slight_smile:

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Hmm, I’m not sure if this is an issue on my end or not, but I am trying to disable the nether by running /world disable DIM-1. It doesn’t seem to be doing anything other than giving me the msg “The world DIM-1 has been disabled” although the world is still accessible. You can see what is happening in this image: Screenshot - c8c0734cb7ad7fad563ee51bc55cd992 - Gyazo

I have tried using the config option in “allow-nether” but this seems to disable all non-overworld worlds. I’m not sure if I am doing this wrong or not, but any help is greatly appreciated.


I can reproduce it too - but only for the basic Minecraft worlds. So, for DIM-1, DIM1 and world, it seems that even though I can ask Sponge to disable the world (WorldProperties#setEnabled(bool)), it doesn’t do so.

I don’t know if this is intentional, or if Sponge have overlooked this and it’s a bug, but I could put in a check to warn the user, at least.

So, got Nucleus mixins, should have known about this sooner :open_mouth: It’s great for /invsee a command that so so tedious to use without it, as often players would move out of range…

But I noticed that world chunk generation is significantly slower with it… It does check if the chunks have been generated which is great, but generating ~1%, something that would normally take 5-15 minutes, takes significantly longer. Got mixins around 2 hours ago, and after it had skipped a number of chunks, it’s been stuck at the same percentage for a while.

I copied most of the Sponge routine and then added my checks in, so it shouldn’t be that slow - all my tests show otherwise similar speeds. I’ll look into it a bit, but I think I’ll be concentrating trying to get the improvements into Sponge proper too, so please forgive me if I don’t spend so much time on it.

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@Pixelhouse @SnowBlitzz Turns out it wasn’t all that hard for kits! I’m aiming for a release tomorrow, but you can get it off TeamCity if you can’t wait. kit.process-tokens-in-lore needs to be true in main.conf if you want to use this, saves resources if it’s off and you don’t need it.

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Wow that was fast, thanks alot man will download it tomorrow. Splendid work.

Might be because of the saving, IDK. But thank you :slight_smile:

Also, is there any way you could add a configuration option for item entity (dropped items) age or a way to clear items sometime in the future?

It seems the default values for mutes & warnings are not expiring properly. I’ve discovered this recently.
We have warnings set to be default as 2 days expire. Several warnings that were set numerous days ago are just displaying Expiring in 2 days infinitely.

Thank you Dualspiral.
Another feature I think would be a good addition to Nucleus is the removal of disconnect messages in the chat when a player who is tempbanned or banned attempts to join. This usually results in spam of the chat.



Any idea on how to fix players turning invisible randomly, and then getting an Internal Server Error with /v ? Not sure if you saw the other comment from a few days ago :slight_smile:

@Michael_Ware I’ll look at it.

@zachincool "Player has left" message broadcast to the server when someone who is not on a whitelist or is banned tries to join · Issue #885 · SpongePowered/SpongeForge · GitHub

@Mikirae Nope, not yet, sorry…

Not sure if this is from you or not but it seems linked to Nucleus. This is spammed in console every 5-10 Seconds:

It’s fine, not too big of a deal, don’t worry too much! :smiley:

Normally not my thing (i’ll go make an issue too)
Feature request: add the dimension ID number to the displayed world info

This is required to allow Pixelmon to spawn in non-default dimensions/worlds and Project Worlds displays it

Issue here

I am having trouble with /world create … everytime I create a world it contains no ores at all

not a bug but rather a consearning question.
i ran world border gen create to preload by chunks before going live.
the size of the world border is 12k.
At the start it went very fast but now we are more then 12hours past, i think even 15,
and i’m still at 34% roughly. It’s still running so it’s not an issue but each time slower then before, like exponentially.
And my server cpu is and memory is hardly being used. It also pauses like 80% of the times is it so people would still be able to play on it?

And finally is there a way to make it a tad faster somehow?
Thanks in advance.