Nucleus: The Ultimate Essentials Plugin (MC 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2)


Sponge 1692 and Nucleus 0.10.1
Unable to use higher builds of Sponge on our main server until the Pixelmon bug report is fixed up on their GitHub. It could be our Sponge version then


It’s configurable. Should be defaulting to off anyway - check mute.mute-when-jailed in main.conf - should be false.


You are beautiful @dualspiral


Thanks! I believe it’s a side effect of the FLARD, though I’d have to get @Inscrutable to confirm.


@dualspiral I hope this is the last I need to bother you, but is there a configuration file for usable blocks when jailed? I’d love if I could make it where people are allowed to use buttons/signs/pressure plates while in a jailed state.


@TidusGaming No, and it’s unlikely to be the case, as the use case for /jail is to punish and prevent players from causing further issues on a server, rather than as a protection thing.

You might be interested in something like FoxGuard though, I don’t know much about how it works, but I figure it’s probably something you could do with that - if not, I expect someone should be able to write a handler that would do exactly what you want.

@Wolffy explains it - in your case, try /kit setcooldown starter 1d (duration is in the format [1w1d1h1m1s])


i for the life of me cannot figure out how to setup helpop, any assistance anyone can provide would be fantastic, id also like to request a nickname request system so iff a player wants to request a nickname while staff are offline we can view it later? jsut a thought for those servers that dont have staff 24hrs a day


Hi, sorry i’m very new here, i hope i’m on the right place for ask this (if not fell free to moove or delete my post)

Is there a way to create teleportation signs ?
I’ve noticed “sign” module on config files, but i can’t find any commands about this.
I also found this : but i don’t know if it’s still a priority or not.

Thanks by advance

(sorry for my shitty english, it’s not my first language)


Hey @dualspiral im having a critical problema, well i had lots of kits on my old server, now i created another servers, and im trying to place the old nucleus folder with all the data “General.json” etc into the new server, but seems it cant read it if i put the kits directly into General.json, if i do nucleus reload, nothing happens, if i restart the server the kits are gone, seems like if i write something directly into general.json nucleus cant read it, pls see if u can fix this, i had lots of kits, dont want to make them again


Turn your server off and try again. general.json cannot be edited while the server is running, Nucleus will just ignore the changes.


@Heliioss No, not yet. When I attempted it a while ago, I couldn’t get the signs to stick around on restart. I’ll attempt it again soon!


@Merlinlcb Sorry - just saw your message.

The /helpop command permission is nucleus.helpop.base. Those with the permission nucleus.helpop.receive will receive the message.

As for nickname systems like that, in itself, that’s better suited outside of Nucleus. However, we will be implementing a ticket system that you could use for such requests - and you’ve given me an idea how we could possibly add ticket categories and associate a command with it (but whether that will really happen like that is a different matter).


@dualspiral Can you add a selector for @p for /feed or allow those who have been jailed access to eat?


Also, any chance for a /invsee command coming into the plugin in the future?



Yes, when Sponge have done the bits we need.


thank you, your amazing, and no worries i honestly wasnt expecting a quick reply


Hey guys !
I would like to know if it is possible to change the message color (not the Color of the name of the typing player, but his message color itself) whitout having to say to him “Hey, type with &4 for a red chat message”. Can I do it ?
Thanks in advances :slight_smile:


This details how, “f you have a compatible permissions plugin installed, setting a player’s (or their group’s) chatcolor/chatcolour permission option will colour their chat that colour by default. This can be overridden by players who can use colour codes in their chat. Like namecolour, this accepts both named colours and single character colour codes.”


Ok ! Thanks ! I’ll try this :slight_smile:



  • Rather than use /tpo, just give players who require this the nucleus.teleport.tptoggle.exempt permission. /tp will then ignore /tptoggle status for those players.
  • @Rasgnarok already explains how to do this a few posts up, set the chatcolour option using PEX or whatever permissions plugin you use for the group in question.

so if you wanted red text for the admin group using PEX, /pex group admin option chatcolour c will do what you’re looking for.