Official LWC Port - Plugin Example

Hello all of my favorite forum-goers and developers! We’ve had a lot of people saying that they need examples to help them proceed and work on Sponge plugin ports or new Sponge plugins. To get this started, @blood spent a bit of time working with Hidendra on LWC as a Sponge plugin port! All of the code is open source and you can browse it over at Github.


Great idea to use LWC as an example port. Most people are familiar with it and, ahem, may have already taken a look at the source before.

Props, @blood and @Hidendra.

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Thanks for this :slight_smile: This should definitely help me get familiar with the API’s syntax and make it easier for me to port my plugins over.

Thanks a ton for this! I already ported over ( I think) most of my plugin, now I can fix everything I did wrong!

Cool, This might be something I’ll look at.