OnePlus One

I was wondering if anyone has this awesome phone, and what it’s like.
I was hoping to buy one… then I realised that you needed an invite gahh :z

I have got the phone for almost 3 months now, it is great! The thing that initially got my attention for the phone is that it runs Cyanogenmod, I already used that on my old Galaxsy S2 and really liked that. The One is super fast, no lag with games, browsing or watching YouTube at all. The screen is very good (I don’t have trouble with yellow band, looks like only earlier phones have that sometimes) and a high resolution. But the best thing about it is the battery live, even while using it extensively I can’t get it to run out before the end of the day. Often I can even use it for 2 or 3 days if I use it normally or less.

You don’t need an invite by the way, in 5 days and 22 hours the next preorder period will start and then you can order the phone directly (will be open for just one hour though). Check this page for more info and options to setup your order in advance:

If you want to know anything specific then just ask me.

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Good to hear that your phone is working well for you. I had Cyanogen on my good ol’ HTC Wildfire back in the day, that didn’t run so smooth lol
Sounds great about the battery life, as my htc was really bad for that. I’m looking for something that would last a while, so this phone seems good.

Interesting to hear about the preorder period. I feel like I’ll get mashed by people who are on the 4pm start refreshing the page like crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just wondering how good the camera was? I guess you can’t really judge a camera on the amount of megapixels, and for a phone this cheap it seems like they must have missed out on something!

I did not really test the camera extensively, but the pictures that I did take are very good considering it is a smartphone. I filmed a coupled of times when I was at a festival and those video’s came out quite good while it was very dark (only laser beams, spotlights, etc). The sound is rubbish at that point, but that is just because the sound at a festival is too loud for a phone to handle (luckily I had ear protection with me :smile:). You can find enough samples of video’s and pictures made with the phone online.

Below I have a picture of my current battery stats, for if you are interested. I charged it to full 1 day and 2 hours ago and I still have 49% left, while I had almost 2 hours of screen-on time and Wifi/3g on for about 18 hours in total (8 hour gap is while asleep).

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Thank you for your reply again :smiley:
That’s a pretty awesome battery life to be fair!
Definitely want one of these phones :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a OnePlus One since the middle of August and it’s purely amazing. I won’t go into detail why I think so because pretty much everything has been mentioned already, except for the fact that an ordinary phone with these qualities would generally cost around $600, not its surprisingly cheap price, $350.

I’d recommend this phone to pretty much anyone.

I was giving out two of the invites earlier last month on these very forums, too bad you weren’t there to claim one. :frowning:


I’ve been using the the s5 the battery life astounds me, I’ve got it to last 2 days so far, get back to you on that once I root it.

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