OreGenUltimate - Plugin for Minecraft Sponge Servers that generates ore when lava mixes with water and would usually generate cobblestone

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OreGenUltimate is a plugin that generates ores from the mix of lava and water whereby the resulting product would usually be cobblestone.

The main use for this plugin would be on servers where there is no ability to mine ore in a feasible manner and miners can only get blocks by using a cobblestone generator. For Example a SkyBlock style map.

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It Just works! I think it could use better-tuned rarities though, as it feels more profitable to just sit there and mine a cobble generator than actually mining.


Glad you like it, the default config works best on SkyBlock servers. You can change the chances in the config.

Hopefully I will have the documentation done soon.

hey is there a way to use modded ores in the config or is that not possible?

Not currently supporting modded ores. But could be on the roadmap.

Hello,Iā€™m a Sponger from China,I think this plugin is great!
May I reprint this plugin to MCBBS?

And will it support Modded ores?

@Zapic That is fine, just link to the GitHub repo for potential donations

Modded ores are still in the roadmap. I just need to find the time to implement.


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