OSGi - a dynamic plugin reloader type mod useful for development

Have you tested this in any real capacity yet? I’m keen to know how it went.

@ryantheleach yeah I do actually use this myself! Sory I never replied back in August; life is too busy to argue with folks on forums… :wink: And yes, you’re spot on, my plugins (such as https://github.com/vorburger/minecraft-storeys-maker/) are what you termed “simple plugins with event listeners” here - and for myself, this works great. Feels very productive to hack something using it.

FYI personally I only use it locally to hack during dev, not once I deploy a plugin written using this. (There’s really no need for this in “production” - I never meant for this to be a hot plugin reload kinda thing for open servers, but a development tool.)

I’ll admit that I had no idea one even could register and unregister blocks, recipes, and a few other things! Although, as long as there is some way to cleanly unregister, I really don’t see how any of those couldn’t be made to work with this either.

Re. “learning how dependencies would work with such a system for other plugins that arn’t necessarily following the same structure” I think that depends a bit what you mean. One can of course use that Sponge ServiceManager API to call services from other plugins, even when using this tool for faster development turn around; that’s really… completely orthogonal. Then there is OSGi specific dependency resolution that could be used to resolve dependencies between plugins using this, but I doubt you want to go there (and you don’t have to).