[Outdated] MinecraftGUI v2.0.4 - A GUI manager


Sure, it’s a cool plugin, but I mean you’ve gotta find someone who wants to dedicate to this project. djxy’s moved on to PermissionManager, so until that’s running more independently (which with projects might be never) you’re gonna have to either find someone else to basically reboot this project or do it yourself. :3

I’d be interested but school keeps me so damn busy that I’d probably never update it.


Hi, I’m here!
I come to see you!
Is anyone willing to continue to develop it?


Could you give me a guide?


Have any example XML or wiki of the MinecraftGUI-plugin?


Hope this plugin gets updated. I’ve been looking for a GUI tool that requires no coding knowledge!


A good plugin. I want you to continue this project. please :((


Someone have a backup of this plugin ? Git repo seems deleted


Found 2 repo from Github of this mod and plugin, but Example is missing, if someone just have the xml and the css example, could be fine :wink:


Did you find an example?


The wiki and github make 404 error.


This plugin is server outdated and dead.