Particle Plugin

Can anyone pleas help me out with making a particle plugin like Mineplex, i tried but it just keeps crashing my mc (i’m willing to pay for it if needed)

What have you got so far?

i had something like a halo but i got sad bc it didnt wlrk and in a bad mood i just completely deleted it :frowning:

I threw something together quickly for you too look at. I’m not entierly sure if this is the best approach but hey it works

looks great, could you maybe help me create a plugin out of it to use?(i completely forgot how ;-:wink:

what sort of thing are you trying to make?

a simple particle plugin like pparticle

I don’t mind answering questions etc but I don’t really have time right now to make the plugin myself. If you want someone to make the plugin you should probably make a post in plugin requests.

i’ll do that then