Partnership with Granite: FAQ

I knew this would eventually happen!


More or less this is inevitable IMHO, competition is good, but cooperation is better I think.

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It was never a competition as they targeted the Vanilla audience and we targeted the Modding audience.

Now, Sponge does both.


I don’t understand this. Why don’t people just not do anything else to their forge servers /?

Granite has nothing to do with Forge or Forge modified servers or modified servers to begin with. That is the point.

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Thank you for the introduction, Zidane. We’re all very excited to join your team, and cannot wait to see what will come from it :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

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I saw something earlier today on GitHub that mentioned Granite, but I was totally not expecting this. Good job everyone! I hope we can all benefit from this!

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This sounds really, really fun. Good luck. :smiley:

As long the forge mod doesn’t start to lack behind I am fine with it :smiley:. Can’t wait to start playing with it on moded servers. Also got a question:
Does granite provides a craftbukkit like jar, or is it a wrapper that uses mixin’s to modify the server jar ?

The second, just read what Zidane wrote ^^

I’m glad to hear this as it solves exactly what I requested :blush: So there IS an official and well-working implementation now.

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So what will happen to

Poof It’s gone

We’ll replace it with a copy of the frontpage, themed to fit our name :slight_smile: The links will point here, of course.


Yeah I read that. But I was more thinking about the package? Like including the NMS classes in to the jar like craftbukkit did.

EDIT: Nvm found it.

Ahhhh… The good ole days…

Was this the surprise mentioned here?

It was one of the surprises, yes. :wink:


why cant i put core mods in the mods folder

where can i find the first sponge download when it comes out