PayRespects - Type /f to pay respects when a player dies


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Type “/f” to pay your respects when a player dies.

/f or /PayRespects



I feel disappointed in myself for not thinking of doing this sooner.


A new version has been released for PayRespects, it is available for download here.

Fixed permissions.


omfg, My whole staff is laughing. This is great.


It looks like you used the Minecraft Dev Intellij plugin but you didn’t get rid of the default listeners it adds. You should really delete those as I’m sure most server owners would rather not have this type of plugin be broadcasting “Hello World” on server start and sending a message to every player as they log in.


You’re missing a leading space - pie_flavorpays their respects

Also, you don’t have to cast to Player to get the name.


I fixed the unnecessary parts of your code and committed it on github, then I used your code as a template for my own plugin thanks


A new version has been released for PayRespects, it is available for download here.

-Fixed a bug where there was not a space after the player’s name.
-Removed “Hello World” broadcast.
-Removed default message to players when they login.
-Removed unnecessary code, commented code.


Thank you, I removed them!


Allow an argument to be passed to the command please

/f Morgan Freeman

“Zachincool paid their respects to Morgan Freeman”

Also, a cooldown would be nice.


Excuse me. Could you give more introductions about this plugin? I don’t understand the function of this plugin…


It’s a joke Plugin


A new version has been released for PayRespects, it is available for download here.

Release v1.1.0

_Minecraft 1.12.2 - Tested on spongeforge-1.12.2-2555-7.1.0-BETA-2815


  • Added a configurable cooldown feature.
  • Updated to Sponge API 7.0.0


Thank god this was updated. Without it I was unable to pay my respects to FLARD.


Can you listen to the hotbar swapping with offhand? so that the F key pays respects?


Will this 7.1.0 API plugin be updated? API 7.1.0-20180127.170645-9


API 7.1 is not yet released. Plugins that compile against 7.0.0 should continue to work for 7.x.x

This plugin is compiled against 7.0.0, therefore, if you have a problem, you should write up an issue with what’s wrong either against this plugin, or SpongeForge/Vanilla if it’s reproducible.


So I assume this plugin is dead and no longer maintained. You have issues on your github that don’t even get a response. I have an issue with this plugin on preinit, exactly the same as and, pointing to an issue with the plugin.

To anyone who sees this, don’t bother with this plugin, it is outdated.



this happens even with those fixes. exact same error. doesn’t work