PC people: what things do you want Apple to do to make you buy their products?

pc people what things do you want apple to do to make you buy there products
i am not advertising anything to be clear

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Destroy every product line they have with fire :fire: Then start completely over and re-imagine the whole **** thing.


Stop selling stuff way over what their actually worth. That would make me actually consider them. But I use cutom built PCs, so it’s not gonna happen (Oh, and support for other operating systems)


As a serious answer, they need to just stop screwing over the inexperienced community, they need to stop the rebranding of existing products and they need to make their hardware and software more flexible.

  1. Not charging 2+ times as much for identical hardware
  2. Don’t throttle the operating system to make people think their computer is obsolete and buy a new one
  3. Stop encouraging the growth of the Apple hive mind that thinks Apple is the only right way in technology and everyone else is just wrong
  4. Bring back Intel processors (I heard they dumped Intel, someone fact check me)
  5. Stop trying to pass off their “innovations” as new and revolutionary when they have already been done by varying Linux distributions, Windows, Android, and other hardware manufacturers
  6. Give access to root
  7. Dump thunderbolt and other Apple exclusive ports that were engineered specifically to generate incompatibility and a need for extra adapters (another way for them to squeeze money out of you)

The one credit I will give Apple is that I have not seen, yet, a “2 in 1” from them. There is no such thing as a “2 in 1”. It is a tablet with a keyboard. Flips table


is not apple exclusive. But it is only really branded by apple.

But literally nothing else uses it.

Which is kinda sad, as it’s a quite decent port.

NVIDIA was planning on using it for a bunch of stuff I think… I don’t know what happened with that though.

Literally nope


Apple a couple years back switched from PowerPC processors to Intel.

Sorry, I’ve moved on from kids toys


Thunderbolt is really only useful if you are transferring lots of large video files around. *And you can access root on an Apple machine.

  • I believe, don’t direct quote me on that.

Thunderbolt is rather niche but it is cool technology. The ability to daisy chain as well as being able to use being able to use devices like a eGPU (due to the direct interface with the BUS) however that also results in more security issues than say USB or Ethernet


Intel is the Designer of Thunderbolt not apple. Thunderbolt link
Maybe you where thinking of Mini DisplayPort

Make stuff that’s cool like the apple watch (The first apple thing I actually liked)

They do good stuff. Really good stuff.

Just the cost… And the marketing.

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Wasn’t trying to say Thunderbolt itself was bad. More he fact that they refuse to use any other industry standard display port and only Thunderbolt, the least used on common display devices. Of course now with this USB-C thing this may change, sorta, maybe, but it still requires adapters they can charge you for.

I think there are packages you can install (of course not available on the app store or endorsed by Apple) that will force it. But its not like Linux where its just “oh hey, root, I had to do literally nothing to get here”.

Technically; “nothing”. Won’t buy an apple product. Ever.

But dropping the habbit to “pretend they invented the wheel, then patent it, then sue everyone else” would help a lot in their image.


Yes but unlike Linux where 99% of users know what they’re doing, all OS X users don’t. So giving that group root just seems like a really bad idea. Its also a really stupid idea to run your machine in a root account all the time too.