PC people: what things do you want Apple to do to make you buy their products?

On OXS yes, on linux depends on how good you are with it, and if you can recover if you make a mistake (although for using some version of linux for my main pc/laptop people running as root isn’t a good idea (just takes on download to screw you over(then again, use the official repositories people))

Not a root account… That is in fact stupid. I mean, being able to access parts of the disk that are not whatever the OSX equivalent of /home/ is, and being able to sudo.

If they were smart they would make it so people who did know what they were doing could enable a setting to allow access to the disk root.



If anyone is interested in a fact check,

  1. When people try to put together prebuilt PCs from other manufacturers they turn out around the same price, including more.
  2. Not heard that before. Certainly heard it about Windows, see ME, XP, Vista, 8, 10.
  3. Not heard that before. Certainly heard it about Windows, see adverts and general enterprise suggestions.
  4. Moved from Motorola 25 years ago, back to Intel several years ago. Not sure where you got that from.
  5. First to market isn’t the be all and end all. It’s commonly accepted that bringing something to the foreground, to the attention of masses is an achievement.
  6. Sudo, just like Linux. A GUI just like (and pre-dating) UAC that requires/remembers your password each time like sudo.
  7. USB got this reception when Apple dumped the traditional keyboard and mouse plugs about 15 years ago. Got any USB ports near you now?

Patents prove that there’s innovation happening, problems with software patents aside. Keeping the people who make things worth patenting, including in areas they don’t end up using, is a difficult thing.

I think its absolutely possible to build a way cheaper Computer than Apple. I’m thinking of an 27" iMac for around 1700$. If i go for a 1440p Screen and decent ITX Hardware (Intel Core i-bla…), i’ll stay well under 1700 bucks :smile:

Speaking of Notebooks/Laptops:
Dells XPS13 should be on the same level, regarding price and performance…


  1. The closest MacBook Pro I could find, compared to what I have, from a hardware perspective. If we are talking desktops, there is no justification behind buying a peasant box (prefabricated desktop), and you might as well get an iMac. I have to admit, the iMacs generally, I use that word loosely, do look stronger than prefabricated desktops, namely because all the powerful prefabs are gaming PCs appealing to idiot ten year old kids who have a blank check called “mommy’s credit card”.
  2. Google “apple slowing down devices”. Also, my brother’s constant complaints about his MacBook Pro slowing down after updating OSX one time. I think he’s now two OSX versions behind, in fear that further updates will effectively brick his laptop.
  3. Wow, Windows advertizes? So does Apple!
  4. Thanks for the fact check, I’ll call my friend out on this.
  5. Of course it isn’t but if you invented a new display port, and then Apple makes it look like they did, how would you feel?
  6. So what about escaping /home/?
  7. Many. So tell me, how mainstream are Thunderbolt and the iOS device chargers after all these years? Oh, they’re not? Huh that’s funny, I wonder why they keep using/changing them…

Yes, they do, and its just so nice that we have Apple over here mastering the art of excessive litigation.

He’s talking about peasant boxes, (more formally known as prebuilt desktops), not custom built PCs.