Permissions Inheritence and PEX 2.0 (Potential Bug)

Hello, I have been developing a plugin and ran into a potential bug with the permissions inheritance.

When giving my admin group a permission ( : true) then negating a permission higher in the hierarchy (test.issue : false) in a child group (superadmin) then checking if a child of the superadmin group (user simmpole) has the former permission ( it resolves as true.

The following is a video of the issue in action: Here

EDIT: fixed link.
Here is my permissions.json

I am unsure if this is a bug, an intended behavior or some sort of user error, but I am creating a plugin in which the negation of permissions higher in the hierarchy would be very beneficial to the end user.

If anyone has any input it would be greatly appreciated. :grin:

Apologies in advance if this is a duplicate, has been answered, or is on one of the issue tracker (a quick search turned up nothing).

Sponge version:
Forge Version: v11.14.3.1499

You permissions.json link is not actually content, it is a filename…
You should also always give the sponge build # rather than “latest” becuse “latest” might be changed 3 times before other people look at this post…

Fixed, thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately I don’t actually know how to tell which version it is since the version I’m using is cloned from github.

If you have cloned from github just link the commit or mention the hash.

Alright, thanks. Sorry about that I’m not used to these things :sweat: