Pixelmon commands conflicting with keys


Pixelmons command /unlock is conflicting with keys command /unlock. I want keys to take priority in this case. Is there a method of doing so?


I wasn’t aware of the unlock command that Sponge adds, it sounds like another plugin is attempting to do so. Regardless, you can select which command takes priority in the global.cfg as listed on the docs.


http://pixelmonmod.com/wiki/index.php?title=Commands#Sponge, maybe it isnt sponge directly, im not really sure, someone linked me the other day and said it was? but this /unlock command is what was doing it.


Could you possibly give me an example? The plugin id like to take priority is keys version of /unlock. I’m unsure of how to type it out in the config.
EDIT: Oh I see now, pixelmon added its own commands. Wow I feel silly. I kind of understand how the format works in th e config but still not sure how to implement it correctly with pixelmon /unlock.


As Gabizou said, add an alias in your global config
unlock=keys will make Sponge use Keys /unlock but you can always use Pixelmon’s command using /pixelmon:unlock