Pixelmon Lag server problems

I solved crash problems caused by plugin RedProtect changing that plugin and just put GriefPrevention, which works better and have better performance, but at that moment, or few days after I experienced a lot of momentary lag (like executing a command in chat and experiencing 5-10sec delay to work). I don’t really know if it’s because of the plugin, and if you need more information to help me just ask me.
Server info:
22GB RAM hosted in fallout-hosting with spongeforge 1.12.2 and mod Pixelmon Reforged 7.2, normally about 20 players playing and 4 worlds loaded including end and nether.
spark report: https://sparkprofiler.github.io/#5Qi3GiMQIJ
Crash report because of lag (instan crash that report to players message “server closed” when chash happens, not common tho): https://pastebin.com/CPy5Zc69
Console while crash: https://pastebin.com/aJxRg6K0

Did you border off your world and pregen it?

Yeah, bordered at 25k. Other people said that world was corrupted because in the past I was uploading many other worlds probably from other minecraft versions, so I reset today all the world data and now it works fine. I guess world was corrupted and I won’t load downloadable world again (only schematics from same version I guess).