Pixelmon - Voting Help RESOLVED!




We are Fish Sticks MC. We are bringing lots of new fun and games for players around the world with an amazing approach to pixelmon and minigames. I personally focus mainly on spongeforge servers as that is where most of the players currently are and I am most familiar with.

Work Needed

So, My Operations Manager and I couldn’t not get out heads around getting voting working. Bungee doesn’t like communicating with it. Bungee is just unable to process it into the server, but it picks it up. We essentially need someone to fix this.


Rates can be discussed through discord or via PM.


So the aim is to get voting working! simple.


discord or via PM.


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Please describe better the issue.
Also why don’t you try a sponge vote listener?

If anyone’s looking at this, I’ve since worked with this user and resolved the issue.