Player Data Swap plugin request

Hi, i am the founder of a community with around 500 players, and varius server gamemode including also a sponge server that run Pixelmon. The server is in offline mode. I am using latest spongeforge and latest Pixelmon 1.10.2

Work Needed
I would like to have a plugin for transfer player data to another player, it must include:

  • Playerdata
  • Pixelmon data (latest version)
  • Nucleus (like home and such)
  • GriefPrevention data (claims)
  • Keys data (if is posible)

Permission:required for make the command work
Command: It should be like /swap oldname newname

Here you include how much you are willing to pay for this work.
Around 50 € but i can negotiate

This Plugin will be private use and closed source, and it can’t be listed as portfolio.

Discord: Malachiel#8561 (i am alway online here)
Skype xion1987

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