Player Join Message V1.0



This Plugin Changes players join and quit messages to a few different messages because who really likes thoes boring messages.

Config support is now implemented!

Join Messages

  1. has joined the server!
  2. has arrived!
  3. has appeared.
  4. has morphed into existence.
  5. has been spotted!

Quit Messages

  1. has left the server!
  2. has vanished!
  3. has quit.
  4. has vaporized.
  5. has been lost!


Github Releases

Github Releases

Github Releases


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Hello, when can you improve this plugin, I really like this plugin


I am in the works now of making an update for this that includes a config file so you can add your own join and leave messages.


I have just released V. 1.1 which has config support


Will you be able to add permissions to get the specified join information?