Players getting kicked for timeout and leaving behind NPCs

Hello, i was just wondering if anyone would be able to assist me with a problem i’m having on my server.
I have 2 specific players that have particularly bad internet, and when downloading the technic pack couldn’t even get halfway through the whole thing without it breaking, so sending them the mods directly worked for a while - but after some time they ended up getting kicked once after like 2 straight hours of playing, and now they are unable to join completely just getting timed out, and when it started happening both players left NPC’s similar to the screenshot here:

Note: I have no NPC plugin or anything like that, so for there to even be a copy of a player in the first place is strange in itself.

Note: There is no error when the player is kicked, they are just timed out.
A few times they were getting IONetty removed by host but now it’s just time outs.