Please release a new version


Please release SpongeForge-1.12.2- as soon as possible. I can’t wait for my server. Thank you for developing SpongeForge!:grinning:


Your message is rather unclear. If you are asking for a build of SpongeForge for Forge #2736, then you may have to wait. In general we try to aim for recommended builds of Forge, and the last one was #2705. In addition, Minecraft 1.13 was just released and our major focus of development has shifted that way. We’ll still continue development work on 1.12.2 versions, but it will be a little slower.

Is there some particular reason you want a build for Forge #2736?
Have you actually tried using the latest SpongeForge with it to see if it works anyway? (Generally it should be OK to use more recent versions of Forge, as long as no major changes in Forge have occurred).


OK,thanks.Good luck.