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Hello, can someone help me, with setting Maven/Gradle repositories in NetBeans (or Eclipse). I have some troubles with Maven repo in that IDEs and I don’t know, how to setup them correctly. I checked out NetBeans forums and tutorials which I found there, but it didn’t work =(. I don’t want to use Eclipse, because I am using NetBeans for a long time, for Java, PHP… and I don’t want to migrate to other IDE.

Thanks for all your answers, TheAcastus

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To install Maven in eclipse, simply download & install the Maven plugin (google maven for eclipse).
Then, right-click your project, and go to Configure > Convert to Maven project…


+1 for NetBeans, but I’ve never worked with maven yet :c

SpongeDocs is planning to have pages for setting up Plugin build workspace for Eclipse, IDEA and NetBeans. This thread may be useful for the latter (NetBeans isn’t popular amongst the Sponge team for some reason).

If anyone has success setting up NetBeans in this way (or good reasons why not to), I’d appreciate some details so it can be included in the Docs alongside the other IDEs.

I find eclipse and NetBeans run very slowly and lag behind in terms of auto-complete and typing.

Thanks for all your answeres! Exactly for @Inscrutable’s and @ButterDev’s answer. It’s realy helpfull for me. And one more thanks for @Inscrutable for adding NetBenas on SpongeDocs. I will test Eclipse Maven plugin as soon as possible. Do someone know something about Eclipse “dark” theme? I mean something like this:


@TheAcastus Done.

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Thanks you @ButterDev :wink: I will try it this week. Does Eclipse have development pack for Java, PHP (or web development) and C++ in one pack, which can be downloaded and used. Or I have to download every single Eclipse for every single programing language separately?


@TheAcastus as far as I know you can code all 3 on 1 eclipse type, but there are 3 separate specialized IDEs.

Ok, thanks you @ButterDev again. :wink:

@TheAcastus any time, just @mention me.

@TheAcastus @ButterDev You actually can put them all under one IDE, you dont need to have 3 separate IDEs.

Going to Help > Install New Software… then choosing a site to work with from the dropdown (for me, I choose the Luna site), will populate the box below with different packages you can add to your current IDE. You can either filter the results by using the search (filter) box, or just hunting through the individual packages. Under the Programming Languages packages, there are a bunch of C/C++ tools and a PHP Development package. If I’m not mistaken, you can get anything from here that would have come with the other specialized eclipse IDEs (as well as some other cool/useful stuff).

Note, although I don’t code in anything other than Java at the moment, I have heard from people that Eclipse might not be the best solution for coding C++ or PHP, but I guess that could just be personal preference.