Plugin Development section separate from Plugins section in forums?

To make it easier when we are able to start fully developing plugins with the SpongeAPI, will there be a Plugin Development section for all of the questions people need answered? I think a lot of new Sponge plugin developers would find this useful to post all of there Bugs that they can’t squash and such. Instead of having to sort through all of the other threads in the Plugins section of the Forums.

Thanks for reading and taking into consideration my opinion :slight_smile:

If you have anything negative to say don’t put it in a harsh way, constructive criticism works instead :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed, but by the time it’s finished I think (and hope) they will have a XenForo license like Bukkit did. So that way multiple sections! :smiley:

Actually the plan is to stay using Discourse (the current software), It is working pretty well so far and I hope that we will be keeping it.

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Yes, I know what you’re saying, but we have the tags such as “Plugins” “Sponge” you know what I mean, could there be one like “Plugin Development” or “Plugin Help”?

It already exists as a sub-category of “Plugins.”

I think he wanted it as a separate section to prevent confusion.

I like the Vanilla Forum one, but this one works great as well too :slight_smile:

I too would prefer a second dev section. Under the dev section could be sticky threads that deal with specific development issues (config files, event handlers, block placement, etc;), as well as threads created by developers themselves when they have a question.