Plugin Development

Hi, this is The_Developer and I have developed Bukkit plugins for many years.
I am really interested in your spongepowered-project and I would like to know, whether its possible to get a pre-version to check out, how Sponge works.
Of Course, they are many sites with detailed information about plugin development for sponge, but I hate to read and learn without making practical experience.
So, if there is any way, to get a pre-release version, please tell me! Be sure, that I’m not going to copy it, because I think, that I have no plan, how to use it. I already tried copying bukkit, but it is too confusing for me.
Please, give me a chance to test your result, to test sponge, to check, how easy is coding with/for Sponge.


See the Sponge README for instructions on how to compile, test, debug, and deploy Sponge. You are completely free to do this and even fork us if you wish, the project is under an open source license after all. However, you should be warned that there isn’t much that has been implemented yet. I would also check out the Sponge API repository for the current incarnation of Sponge.

Thank you for your quick answer, but I don’t want to read without doing, I already said it and I think Sponge can’t be compiled without a complete code.
But if the Sponge team need some help with part for making bukkit plugins usable, just ask me…only if you want…

And if Sponge finally releases, I will immediately develope the world first important plugins :smiley:
Hope you will have success with developing Sponge, you will save Minecraft.

Thank you, The Developer

For the doing part you will have to wait.
Honestly I don’t understand how you can make plugins without reading the docs and source code?
Pilots also don’t fly a plane without proper knowledge of the plane itself. It can be me, … .

I have not said, that I never read it, but I learned programming only by doing.
my IDE supports the command control + space for a quick help. Everything else is my secret.

And ok, I will wait.

The Developer

Unless in a plane simulator

:smiley: ok, but I don’t produce plugins in a simulation…
But thanks :smile:

One question. If I want to help, except the part I mentioned above ,who is the person, I should talk to? Or do I need to post in Category “Sponge development”?

This is a community. Also if their was sutcha person he would probably have killed himself :trollface: .

yep :smiley:.

Ok, I will do.

Thank you