Plugin Problems

Yea yea i know, post on pixelmon forums and ive done that but im not getting any real help there. This site is more helpful than my dedicated supposed from my hosting… so heres my problem.

Everytime someone does /wondertrade(or /wt) confirm

It says this error, and they DO have permission to use wondertrade, luckly their pokemon stays in the roster, its just the error showing up and nothing else in console.

Error occurred while executing command:;Lnet/minecraft/nbt/NBTTagCompound;)V

That’s not a complete error. Can you pastebin your fml-server-latest.log and latest.log?

Pixelmon updated an event, WonderTrade needs to update

You should make sure you are using the proper release for your Pixelmon version. In this case, you simply did not match Wondertrade to Pixelmon. If you need further help, join Pixelmon’s support team in our Discord, we will be happy to assist.

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i use wondertrade 4.4.4 from the official sidemod downloads (for mc 1.10.2) so… where do i get a working ver. and i am NOT changing pixelmon version, ive been changing it and i have kept it to pixelmon 5.0.0 b12

I FIXED IT! WONDERTRADE WORKS! Apparently i was using wt 4.4.3 before… huh